I read Shingetsu Shinbun.
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I like Shingetsu Shinbun.
It was published in Takae Okinawa.
Shingetsu means a new moon, shinbun means a newspaper ,so it means a new moon newspaper.
I heard that the newspaper is delivered at a new moon night secretly.
How romantic it is !
What a beautiful cutout picture in the cover !
But the circumstances of Takae are very complicated because of the problems of Osprey.

I've never been to Takae Okinawa ,but the newspaper made me interested in Takae ,
so I want to visit there one day.

I'm sorry I couldn't take well focused photographs but I want to introduce the newspaper a little.
People living in Takae are writing about their daily life and what they think about peace.
Some phrases touched my heartstrings.

For example...

Takae isn't the place for fight but the place for living for us ,it's same to the place where you are living .

There are 100 methods for aproaching to peace if there are 100 persons.

I can't talk about all but every article is attractive.


I want to say to people in Takae 'Thank you for giving me such a wonderful newspaper'.
I wish the peaceful life in Takae and I wish the newspaper to continue forever.


Many poor people worked for Nuclear Power Plants.
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I found this poster in Tokyo.
The poster of the photograph says as follows.
'Don't forget many our friends who killed by work exposed to radiation.'

There were many photos of each worker's face at the right side of the poster.
We could burn incense in front of the photos for the soul of the deceased.

A lot of poor people is working for Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.
Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO, rarely hire them directly.
A subcontractor hire them.
There are many subcontracting companies between TEPCO and poor workers as the nested structure.
The fee that poor people get is reduced by kickback by many companies, so it's not enough.
The difficulties of knowing the exact data about each worker's radiation exposure dose make it easy to escape responsibility for.

I oppose invitation of Olympicks to Tokyo.
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Those posters mean we oppose invitation of Olympicks to Tokyo.
I found them at internet.
I agree with the opinion of those posters.
We can find easily the sites which asserts such an opinion.
I don't recommend that young people come to Japan especially to Tohoku and Kanto areas because I don't hope that they are exposed to radiation.
There are pollutions of the quantity that we cannot ignore in Tokyo.
And furthermore Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Prant is discharging 10,000,000 becquerel(Bq) of radioactive materials every hour to the air.
We can't exercise without respiration.

Now some Japanese people want to invite Olympicks to Tokyo without considering such problems.
I desire them to watch reality .

Today is Atomic-bomb day of Hiroshima.
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Today is Atomic-bomb day of Hiroshima.
6 Aug 1945 Atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima.
The witness already grew old.
Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to hear the talk of an atomic bomb from them directly.
But Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum set a poricy of removing the figures of sufferrers of Atomic-bomb from the Museum .

The augument has occurred.(Please look at linked page if you are interested in signature.)

Newspaper said as follows.
There is a facebook page.

I think it's difficult to divide Nuclear problems into Nuclear-power and Atomic-bomb.

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How are you ?
Thank you for visiting my blog.
The name of this blog ,Gosenshi to Shukiritsuhyo, means a music sheet and the periodic table.
I'm interested in music and chemistry.
Therefore, I chose this title.

I live in Tokyo, Japan.
Since 11 Mar. 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident has occurred.
My life was completely changed when the accident occurred.

It became difficult to choose safe food.
I think that exercising outdoors is dangerous, so I feel stress every day.

Sometimes I want to write what I think about daily trifles.

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